[mythtv-users] Cannot watch Live TV, Edgy and Firewire

Bob rgarlin at comcast.net
Fri Apr 20 02:26:10 UTC 2007

I built mythyv with Edgy using the following instructions,
I have a Comcast digital cable with a Motorola 62xx STB and I'm using the
firewire port. The install went fine with no problems and I can record
shows, but when I try to watch a show I recorded I get the error below. The
only resolution I've seen is user rights, so I chmod 777 the files and still
get the same error.

RingBuf(/var/lib/mythtv//1054_20070418190000.mpg): Invalid file (fd -1) when
opening '/var/lib/mythtv//1054_20070418190000.mpg'.

I also cannot watch Live TV, when I try that I get get the following error:

2007-04-19 22:08:42.175 TVRec(1): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2007-04-19 22:08:42.181 TVRec(1): HW Tuner: 1->1
libiec61883 warning: iec61883_cmp_create_bcast_output: Failed to get the
oPCR[0] plug for node 1.
2007-04-19 22:08:44.958 FireRec: Failed to create connection

I'm think of rebuilding and trying Feisty, but I think I might have the same
problems, because the firewire section for Feisty is the same as Edgy.

Has anyone else experienced this problem.

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