[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun && Digital Cable Listings

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 19 20:12:27 UTC 2007

David Frascone wrote:
> My digital cable provider has HD locals in their feed -- but they are 
> *not* on the normal channels.
> How can I get a listing to work right from zap2it?
Set up a signal source but do not set a grabber. Assign that source to 
your hdhomerun and then set the quick tune option on and do a qam256 
scan of your cable channels. This should give you a list of channels 
that myth thinks it can receive. The ones with callsigns and channels 
imbedded will show up with that info, the other ones will have a 
different format depending on what you select for the separator. Now for 
the fun part. Start by trying to watch each channel and on the ones that 
actually work write down the info about the channel

There are several howtos out there for setting these things up. 
Unfortunately the state of mythtv right now means that it's a royal PITA 
to set up. There is work going on in SVN to make this easier. That said, 
basically you need to make the channel number and callsign exactly match 
the info in your zap2it listing. On my cable system the scan reported 
calligns were in the form of WABC-DT and zap2it was in the form of 
WABCDT. Once you get all the channels converted then set the grabber for 
that source to your zap2it lineup and do a mythfilldatabase. That will 
set the xmlid for each of the channels that match and provide listing info.

The difficult part for me was editing the channels. You are supposed to 
be able to do that in the channel editor but I did not have any luck 
that way. What I ended up doing was installing phpmyadmin and using the 
web interface to edit the channels table manually.

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