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R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Apr 18 17:53:35 UTC 2007

Daniel Agar wrote:
>> Daniel Agar wrote:
>>> What are other Canadians doing for HD content? I can't receive any atsc
>>> broadcasts where I'm located so what other options do we have in Canada
>>> (Southern Ontario). After some quick googling I haven't seen any success
>>> stories in using rogers digital STBs with firewire or anything with bell
>>> expressvu other than PVR 150x with IR blasters.
>>> What do Canadians do for HDTV?
>>> sidenote
>>> Why are rogers and bell so damn evil?
>> Where are you located? Your cableco probably broadcasts some digital
>> stuff. A lot of local stations are starting to get ready to broadcast
>> atsc OTA, since they must down-grade any simulcast US stuff.
>> As for me, I do not *YET* do any HD. Rogers wants too much money. I do
>> get digital SD.
>> I am presently looking into putting up an antenna. I should be able to
>> get about 14 channels...but only 5 or 6 will be HD at first.
>> This site http://www.user.dccnet.com/jonleblanc/Canada_TV_Stations/ON.html
>> lists all of the TV stations in Ontario and a fair number are already
>> digital
>> Geoff
> In the words of another mythtv-user, I'm in no-mans land for OTA. Are you
> getting digital SD content through a rogers set top box? I think that
> would be a great start for me, just to see if using a STB with firewire is
> feasible.
> Also, is your digital SD content 4:3 or widescreen? My main reason for
> wanting HD is just to use my entire screen, not just a 4:3 box in the
> center or having to scretch the content, which I think looks awful.

Daniel, If your question was addressed to me, Geoff, then you should be 
aware that I do not have an STB. I have the 'extended basic' cable 
package (about $50.00) which gives me the 70 odd analog channels and 
about 35t unencrypted (but QAM256 encoded) ATSC digital streams. These 
are mainly time-ahift channels: about 6 CBC, 7 05 8 CTV, 5 Global etc. 
All in SD. No HD content at all. Rogers wants more money for that.
Which is why I am thinking about putting up an antenna.

But you should know that the digital streams ARE a better picture than 
the analog streams. The difference for example between some older PBS 
stuff (analog) and some of the recent, originally shot in HD and 
downgraded for broadcast stuff is amazing. I can see the same sort of 
difference with Discovery Channel, especially ads for their HD service.


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