[mythtv-users] Dumb SVN question

Phill Wiggin alamar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 14:13:29 UTC 2007

Wow.. too many typos.

That should have been:

I originally installed MythSVN via svn checkout, which worked fine.
I've used layman for other things, and am looking into including MythSVN
in my layman config.

Layman downloads a list of available overlays that you can add to your
local overlay, but this list does not (by default) have MythSVN as a
selectable overlay. Adding it should be fairly simple, and is detailed
in the forum post I linked in my original response.

So, if you're only doing this one package, svn checkout is the
fastest, easiest way to get going.

If you update often or are looking to manage several overlays,
layman's a good way to go.

I should note that you need to update your overlays anytime you sync
portage, otherwise, Portage will try to overwrite your install.  The
reason is:

Myth uses subversion, which numbers each new commit with an ascending
number.  MythSVN and fixes are in the same repository, and share the
same number-space.  SVN is in development and has numerous patches
every day.  -fixes is updated much less regularly, but when a patch is
sumbitted, it gets the highest number.

For example:

SVN: p1102  -- applied a patch
SVN: p1103  -- implements a feature (say, Storage Groups)
SVN: p1104 -- applied a patch
fixes: p1105  -- applied a patch
SVN: p1106  -- applied a patch
SVN: p1107  -- implements a feature (say, HDHomerun tuning)
SVN: p1108  -- applied a patch
fixes: p1109  -- applied a patch
SVN: p1110  -- applied a patch

Portage only reflects the 'fixes' items listed above.  Let's say you
install an overlay at SVN-p1107.  You emerge mythtv-0.20-p1107, and
portage compares the overlay to what is in portage (at that point,
Portage has the most recent 'fixes', which is 1105.  Since 1107>1105,
emerge gives you the SVN version (1107).  However, in 2 days, you sync
portage and Portage's Myth version has been bumped to 1109 (the most
recent 'fixes'.  If you 'emerge world', it'll "update" myth to 1109.
But, since 1109 is the 'fixes' branch, it won't contain the feature
enhancements of SVN (including the mythweather revamp).

You should be able to stop portage from "upgrading" your chosen
version of Myth by properly configuring your /etc/portage/package.*
files, or more simply by emerging Mythtv using the --oneshot

Alternatively, you can simply update your portage overlay (via svn or
layman) when you sync portage.


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