[mythtv-users] prebuffering pause???

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 17 20:28:26 UTC 2007

Carl Reynolds wrote:
> I recently set up MythTV. It seems to work OK: When watching Live TV, I 
> get smooth Video and there are no noticeable glitches in the sound. But 
> the frontend log gets messages saying "prebuffering pause" ever 2-5 
> seconds while Live TV is playing. I also occasionally get a message 
> saying "Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times."
> Is this normal or is this an indication that something is wrong with my 
> setup?
Some prebuffering messages are normal at the start of a recording but 
should not occur once the stream is established. Generally it means you 
cannot keep up and its dropping a frame. This could be a driver issue or 
something else. Tell us about your system so we can help. What are you 
trying to display? Standard tv or HD. Processor speed, video card, 
capture card(s)......etc.

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