[mythtv-users] Proof of Concept a success!

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Mon Apr 16 17:13:31 UTC 2007

On Monday 16 April 2007 09:33, Steven Adeff wrote:
> On 4/16/07, David Frascone <dave at frascone.com> wrote:
> > 3) Soon I'll be receiving my dual tuner card, and a STB dedicated to my
> > myth setup.  Is there a way to have myth default to a tuner for most
> > recordings, and only use the STB for digital channels?
> You will want to create two DataDirect accounts at labs.zap2it.com,
> one for your dual tuner card and one for your STB so that each can
> have a different set of channels.

There's no need for two ACCOUNTS, although two LINEUPS will probably be 
necessary. You can pick the "digital cable" and "analog cable" lineups and 
fine-tune them as required. At least, that's the case for my cable provider 
(Cox in Rhode Island).

Rod Smith

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