[mythtv-users] First Stab at a Shopping List

David Frascone dave at frascone.com
Fri Apr 13 17:41:37 UTC 2007

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Better yet, grab  the Hauppauge card and an HDHomeRun, giving you 3 
> tuners, 2 of which are digital, since digital only is coming soon in the 
>   USA,,,and slowly, thereafter, to Canada. Only one slot needed, but 
> slightly more expensive.
> Once you understand how NOT watching live tv changes things, you will 
> realize how easy it is to want to record 2 programs at once... (while 
> you are watching a recording made a week or two ago..)
> Geoff
I never watch live TV -- been a DVR-Junkie for some time.

I just bought a PVR-500 -- My PoC will happen w/o HD.  Once we love it, 
I'll probably do a HDHomeRun Approach.



David Frascone

                     Never enter a battle of wits unarmed.

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