[mythtv-users] [lirc] Unable to get MythTV to respond to lirc (Ubuntu Feisty)

John Daleske john at daleske.com
Fri Apr 13 02:55:04 UTC 2007

Have been using Ubuntu Feisty as my first time getting MythTV working.

I have followed the steps (many times) provided in the Ubuntu install 

When I run "irw", it does show the commands.  I noticed that the .lircrc 
sample had all the keys in lower case, e.g. "chanup", whereas my mceusb2 
conf generates "ChanUp".  So, I edited those and restarted MythTV.  
Still did nothing.

I've looked through all the user mails and many sites looking for some 

I did a verbose on running the frontend.  While it did not explicitly 
indicate a lirc failure, I did get (twice):
X Error: Bad Device.  invalid or uninitialized input device 154
  Major opcode: 145
  Minor opcode:   3
  Resource id: 0x0
Failed to open device

It may be that I didn't have the entire environment set up right.  I 
opened a plain openbox session, rather than the mythtv session, and 
entered "mythfrontend -v".

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