[mythtv-users] Building a FrontEnd Box (please help)

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 01:34:30 UTC 2007

clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> There was a thread on this list back the beginning of March discussing
> a FE Box (FrontEnd Box) that Shane Hickey wanted to build to replace a box
> that died.  I would like to get some similar comments on a box that I want
> to build.
> The difference here is that everything I have is Intel, and I would hate
> to have this one box be AMD unless there are really good reasons to go
> that way.
Well there are always good reasons for both sides. Intel has the 
performance crown right now; and I like AMD because I'm always rooting 
for the underdog. Not going to try and convert anyone though, to buy an 
A64X2 over a C2D for the same price wouldn't be too prudent right now, 
unless you had AMD mobos lying around - which you obviously don't from 
your post.
> **CPU**
> I cant see any advantage to using a dual core processor in this machine.  It 
> would
> be *nice* to have two processors working from the same memory image, but thats 
> not
> going to be the case.   So, I would suggest
>     Intel P4 631 (3.2GHz 60nm)  at about $75
Comment about not needing dual core understood, except that maybe you 
might want to try a C2D because of other reasons, like heat and noise. I 
think those lower clocked C2Ds only pull something like 70W of power. A 
3.2GHz P4, must be a Prescott(?); isn't that going to be a scorcher? I 
really don't like hearing cpu or power supply fans kick in.

> ---
> **Memory**
> Either 1 or 2GB of memory
> 	2x 512kB        at $94
>   or    2x 1GB          at $272 (faster)
For the price/perf ratio 1GB looks good there to me. That's what I use. 
Actually in my other frontend there's only 512MB and it's doing fine.

> ---
> **Sound**
> Either the onboard or a SoundBlaster Live!, I think I have an extra around the 
> house
My SB live works well for output (I used it for capture a while back 
with mixed results). In general I found the SB was better than the 
onboard sound on two of my boards; they're older boards though.
Good luck.

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