[mythtv-users] Help sponsor MythTVMultiplex.

Rami Nieminen rami_nieminen at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 12 18:31:48 UTC 2007

>We, Open Source Partners (OSP) Ltd, are seeking out to the MythTV
>community for help in sponsoring the development of recording
>multiple channels from one multiplex.

>More info can be found here:


Is it true that guy behind this is Mr Christer Åkers, who also own company 
Edge Innovations (http://www.edgeinnovations.fi/) which is developing 
commercial media center based in mythtv and their product would be perfect 
if it would be able to record multiple channels from one mux?
Or is it just harmless co-incidence that his own these both companies (Open 
Source Partners and Edge Innovations)?

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