[mythtv-users] No ATI support for Myth says AMD

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 22:57:17 UTC 2007

> Well since their sales are in the Billions of dollars that is probably
> the reason since thousands of $$ is insignificant on that scale.
> John
> _______________________________________________


What a nice thought.  Thousands don't matter because we have
billions...  I guess once the thousands turns to millions then they'll
change their thought process?  Or do we have to wait until it passed
the hundred-million-dollar threshold?  I don't really see why they
"can't" support us.

Let's assume there are... 100,000 Linux users that want the features
they don't yet 'support'.  Since the cards are, what, ~$50 a piece,
that's ~$5 million bucks, roughly.  I am not that good at guessing
what it costs to 'support' us, but my guess is that it's got to be
less than $5 million to build in the support we want into their
proprietary driver (think Nvidia).

So, although it's still not billions, it sure seems 'cost effective'
to actually do it.


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