[mythtv-users] HD -> Firewire or USB Conversion?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 22:51:18 UTC 2007

[SNIP Awesome idea, but questionably feasible]
> What to do, then? Put up an antenna and get OTA HD for free, or use
> firewire/QAM capture device to get whatever your local cable provider is
> currently sending unencrypted. Cable providers must give you a firewire
> output box if you ask for it, but dish providers don't have to.

I am quite hopeful something like this will come along sooner rather
than later.  I get all the OTA available in my area of the globe, but
sadly TNT-HD is not one of those channels (nor will it ever be)...
And encryption being so hit and miss, and satellite being basically
ruled out, I really really look forward to a real option for MythTV.
Once I can get TNT-HD on my Myth box (regardless of where I live in
the US of A), I will be a very, very, very happy user.

So, to the above, what would I pay for that kind of a hardware device?

Assuming it actually worked (provider agnostic of course) and came in
at least a dual tuner option, I'd probably guess it would be getting
decent enough sales in the $300-$500 range.  It would *have* to have
component in, in order to actually succeed.  The digital options
(DVI/HDMI) are probably doable right now for some people as you don't
have to recompress the data, just store it/pass it along.  As
mentioned above though, I think you'll have considerable problems with
encryption and other forms of prevention (though I don't think
copyright is one of them yet).  Above that price most people will just
continue to downgrade or just be happy with what they have.  Too far
below that and you'll have skeptical people claim that your hardware
must suck to be that cheap.  At least until it has been thoroughly
tossed around various review places and consumers have had their turn.
 Then the price could drop to somewhere in the $50-$200 range to make
it available to 'everyone else'.

That's my 26.5 cents.



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