[mythtv-users] FC5 -> FC6 x86_64 backend & frontend upgrade(s)?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Tue Apr 10 20:50:30 UTC 2007

Axel Thimm wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 09:14:39PM -0400, Rich West wrote:
>> I'm about to take the plunge and upgrade my backend and frontend systems 
>> from FC5 to FC6, and, since I use Axel's rpms (atrpms), I was wondering 
>> if there were any major "gotchas".
>> I could do a live YUM upgrade, but, unfortunately, it isn't all that 
>> easy with an x86_64 system (which is what I have). :(
> Why not? I've upgrade quite a lot of FC5/x86_64 systems w/o anaconda.

Well, the problem I had was with the elfutils packages, as described in 
this similar post (not from me) at fedoraforum.org: 

So far, the three systems I tried it on all behaved the same way, but I 
was using yum..

>> I think my only way around it would be to netboot it (boot off of
>> the DVD) and run the upgrade from there, but I am wondering if it is
>> going to freak out because all of the "foreign" RPMS from the mythtv
>> suite from atrpms..
> No, the DVD installer is rather reckless, it doesn't freak out with
> anything, in fact if it doesn't like something it just breaks its
> dependencies.

That is what I figured.. Guess that is a good thing. :)

>> Anyone gone through this with x86_64 from FC5->FC6?  Is it going to take 
>> the hours (that I am envisioning) to get everything stable (with mythtv) 
>> again?
> I think the fastest way is
> o Insert DVD & DVD-upgrade procedure
> o Make sure smart channels point to vendor & atrpms' FC6 instead of
>   FC5 channels
> o smart upgrade --update && smart fix

Hrmm.. I had tried it with Yum.. guess I will try it with smart. :)


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