[mythtv-users] When does "Delete and Re-record" actually Re-record?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Apr 10 13:41:52 UTC 2007

Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> says:
> I think you're right =). I added this because other DVRs at the time
> required that I get an upcoming showing list and check one by one
> for a showing that didn't conflict then set a Single record rule. If
> my schedule changed, I'd have to go through the process of finding
> the best showing again.

By comparison, I still shudder at just how painful my biweekly "Go
through list of upcoming movies" task was with a single-tuner TiVo

> In SVN/0.21 there is a shortcut where you can press "D"elete on any
> item with a recording status to get a popup to confirm that you want
> to delete its rule.  This is true for the Upcoming Recordings, Set
> Priorities, EPG, search results or upcoming episode lists, etc.

Nice! This sounds just like what I suggested back in November

How about making 'D' on a program listing entry with or without a
recording status always permit setting the "Never Record" (AKA
'already watched') flag? I know that sometimes I like to preemptively
do so when I see a listing for a TV show episode or movie I've seen
before. Episodes are easy to do this for because most will only view
them in the context of an existing recording rule and so the "Never
Record" option will be available.

However, movies are different; most will view their listings either
without a recording rule (as in my aforementioned example of manually
scanning the next two weeks' worth of movies to schedule interesting
ones) or in the context of Find One (which, for example, has the
distressing but unavoidable habit of conflating very-different movies
with the same names together).

In the latter example, being able to always set the "Never Record"
flag would be an easy way to tell MythTV that I want Find One
"Titanic" to record the one with DiCaprio and Winslet, not the near
simultaneously-made European one that the former one swamped out of
the theaters, or the six (!) others made since 1915.

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