[mythtv-users] strange behavior

Tim Beck tim at timandnoelle.com
Tue Apr 10 02:45:15 UTC 2007

i noticed mythweb was saying that 'data directory is not writable by 
www-data'. then i went to mythtv to view recordings. i got the master 
backend server down message. so i ssh'd in as mythtv user. su'd to give 
the 'shutdown -r now' command. it said that i couldn't do it cause only 
the root user could. i've never had a problem like that before. so i hit 
the button to do a hard reboot. that was it. it would not reboot. i got 
error message after error message.

any ideas on what could cause this? i'm not too confident in my hardware 
as it is an old pc and the fans sound pretty bad at times. but, i'm also 
concerned that someone is gaining access to my mythbox and compromising 
it. i just installed it 2 weeks ago from scratch, and it has completely 

i'm looking for some ideas. reinstalling every 2 weeks is not an option. 
i need to find the cause of the problem before my next install.

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