[mythtv-users] DVB-S cards

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Mon Apr 9 00:19:41 UTC 2007

On 8 Apr 2007, at 13:53, Mike Dent wrote:
> On 4/6/07, Peter Spikings <peter at spikings.com> wrote:
>> I've just realised the possibility of using DVB-S card(s) instead  
>> of the
>> PVR-250 + Digibox combination (I'm in the UK). I'm a bit unsure  
>> however
>> on the details of this would work however.... I'd like to be able to
>> record two or more channels at once (or otherwise I may as well stay
>> with my current setup!).
> So are you saying with one of these cards, and your Sky subscription
> card inserted, it is possible to decode Sky encrypted channels?

No. DVB-S is good for free-to-air channels - you get a similar  
selection to freeview, but better reception (in many areas) and the  
BBC HD trial.

> I thought Sky had some kinds of special encryption which was only
> available in their Sky boxes? Has this changed?

It _may_ be possible to use one of those DVB-S cards which has a CAM  
module in conjunction with a 3rd-party CAM & your rented Sky card to  
decrypt subscription services - see <http://tinyurl.com/2m7urs>.  
People are watching & recording subscription Sky on Windows PCs using  
this method; the Sky card has to be periodically returned to an  
active Sky box in order to be updated.


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