[mythtv-users] All's well with DataDirect again

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Apr 8 20:05:42 UTC 2007

Ian Forde wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-04-07 at 22:21 -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
>> In light of this, I highly recommend that users do a --refresh-all
>> so there is no ambiguity. After a manual refresh, the next automatic
>> grab will certainly be for just 'tomorrow' and any new days.
> I, for one, would like to just say:
> Thank you Bruce.

You're welcome.

> I did the --refresh-all a few hours ago manually, and my upcoming

My first point was that we really want to do this so that we
know that the scheduler will be working with the current info
and then...

> recordings sorted themselves out properly.  Unfortunately, I had to
> clear the overrides off of all of those generic recordings that I had
> suppressed, but after that, everything was A-OK. ;)

...take the time to explore and fix things once the new listings
are in place.

To all other North American myth users. all the other tangents
in this thread aside, please focus on this info that is beneficial
to you:

- All of your grabs until Saturday morning had inaccuracies
and all your listings for the next two weeks were bad.

- Running "mythfilldatabase --refresh-all" sometime this
weekend (more than ten minutes after the hour and at least
five minutes before the hour) will absolutely overwrite the
known to be bad data with known to be good data.

- Take the time to examine any changes you may have made in
the past two weeks to compensate for bad listings and examine
your Upcoming Recordings and recording rules once you've
received your complete, up to date TV listings data.

Hope this helps,

--  bjm

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