[mythtv-users] Absolute minimum backend hardware

Brian Guilfoos mythtv at guilfoos.com
Sun Apr 8 02:00:02 UTC 2007

Yan Seiner wrote:
> What is the absolute minimum backend hardware?
> 1.  MySQL is running on another machine
> 2.  Disk storage is on another machine
> The backend just has two tuners, a PVR150 and a pcHD3000.
> What can I get away with?  A PIII-733?  More? Less?

My master backend accesses MySQL over the network, and mounts storage
via NFS.  It has two AverMedia A180 cards, and one PVR-500 (one tuner
hooked to a sat box, and the other to a VCR).  The machine is an old
Athlon 850MHz with 640 MB RAM.

The most I've recorded at any one time are both HD streams and one of
the PVR-500 tuners, and it handles that just fine.  I'm pretty sure I
could record from the other PVR-500 tuner simultaneously without
overworking the backend (but I would be awfully close to saturating my
storage array, especially if I'm watching HD at the same time).

I don't do any sort of video processing (commflagging, transcoding, etc)
on the master backend.

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