[mythtv-users] Strange Problem with Lirc and MythVideo

Robert Krig rkrig at gmx.de
Fri Apr 6 14:05:42 UTC 2007

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Here's something strange. I think it might have happened during an
update of lirc or mythtv,but Im not sure.

This problem only happens with MythVideo, after I select "List" and try
to navigate my Directory in search of Video files.

I can scroll down through my List and enter Subdirectories just fine.
However, as soon as I press "up" on my Remote, I get kicked back to the
to the "root" of my Video Directory.

For example:

My MythVideo Movie Directory is Defined as:  /home/user/Videos

So in mythvideo, I can scroll down the List and and enter a
subdirectory, e.g:


As soon as I press "up" once, I get kicked back to the the first file or
Directory in /home/user/Videos

The strange thing is, if I press "down" and then immediately "up" on my
remote, then it will actually go up one file. But I have to do it really

With everything else the remote works just as it should.
Mplayer and Xine work fine. MythTV works fine. MythDVD just as well.
Everything in the Myth Menus works fine.

Even MythVideo works fine UNTIL I enter "List" Mode.

Any Ideas on what might be causing this?

By the way, Im using Gentoo. And I have Serial IR Reciever which is
activated via the lirc_serial module.
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