[mythtv-users] No HD listings after 4/14 with DataDirect

Geoff Mishkin gmishkin at acs.bu.edu
Thu Apr 5 22:36:02 UTC 2007

I just noticed my listings for ABC end as early as 4/8.  Yay!  I'm glad
I'm not the only one having this problem.  Can anyone look at the XML
that is coming from DD and make sure it is really their problem, and not
a problem with MythTV?

             --Geoff Mishkin <gmishkin at bu.edu>

Geoff Mishkin wrote:
> It seems like there are a number of DD problems going on right now so I
> hope this one isn't a duplicate.  It's definitely not the "too generic
> show data."  Although I am affected by it, a fix appears to be in the
> works.  My problem seems closely related to the "no listings for OTA
> digital channels" problem, but not exactly.  Just to make sure, I
> deleted all my video sources and recreated the digital lineup on zap2it.
> The problem is that after 4/14, there is no data for most of the digital
> stations.  However, I still get listings for CW (primary) and NBC
> Weather Plus.  My zip is 02215 and I am on BU cable.  I added all the
> XMLTV ID's by hand and it's been working for years.  One thing that
> might be relevant is that subchannels have never been listed for BU
> cable.  What I have been doing is adding the XMLTV ID's for the
> subchannels from another listing, 03062 Broadcast.  Another thing is
> that CW in HD was only recently added to the lineup.  Prior to that, I
> was using an XMLTV ID from 03062 for that also.
> Foreign ID's from 03062 Broadcast:
> 36037 (PBS HD)
> 31703 (NBC Weather Plus)
> 50830 (CW The Tube)
> Until recently: 32633 (CW)
> Now: 11659 (CW) which is native to BU cable
> I might expect the case to be that DD would no longer download data for
> channels that weren't part of the lineup specified for the video
> source.  In that case, I would expect no data for NBC Weather Plus, CW
> The Tube, and PBS HD, since those are the XMLTV ID's that I copied from
> somewhere.  In all cases except Weather Plus, there is in fact no data. 
> I might also expect to get subchannel data only, if my foreign XMLTV
> ID's were somehow masking the native lineup data.  However, I get some
> combination of the two.  I get listings for the CW, which is native, and
> NBC Weather Plus, which is foreign.  But, as I said before, CW in HD was
> only recently added to the lineup.  Maybe that has something to do with it.
> In any case, when I deleted the video sources, all the existing program
> data should have been deleted as well.  That means that even with my
> weird mix of ID's from different lineups, DD was able to get data up
> until a seemingly arbitrary date, 4/14.  Why can't it get it through
> 4/17 and beyond?  There is data for the scores of analog channels, and
> for the previously noted digital channels.  Why not...
> CW The Tube
> ?
> I should add that I can tune to *all* my channels without any problem! 
> So it's not a problem of missing/bad tuning data or anything like that
> getting in the way.
>              --Geoff Mishkin <gmishkin at bu.edu>
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