[mythtv-users] Re-setting Find 1 Weekly Recording

Paul Mason latepaul at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:40:55 UTC 2007

On 04/04/07, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:
> Brett is correct. It stores the time and day of the showing
> that you selected when you set the rule. This marks the
> beginning of the "week".

Thanks for replying. Yeah that was what I thought and I did choose the Wed
showing. However I've since discovered what seems to be the problem.  After
the main showing on Wed there's another half-hour show where they interview
the fired candidate - it's called "You're Fired". However in the EPG it's
listed as an episode of the The Apprentice with an episode title "You're
Fired". I already had one of these on disk so I guess Myth took that to be
the recording for this week and didn't record the main show. So now I've
switched to "any time on any channel" which is going to work but record both
showings (I think because the description is different for the repeat even
though it's the same episode).

So it's the Freeview listings that have let me down. For now I'll delete the
extra recording but I may use it as an excuse to learn about custom records.

Thanks again.

Paul Mason
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