[mythtv-users] Fragmentation On Recording Disk?

Tim Phipps mythtv-users at phipps-hutton.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Apr 4 08:49:18 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 4 April 2007 9:36 am, I wrote:
> MythTV must be one of the worst applications for producing fragmented
> files. It fills up the disk and then continues to delete older files and
> write new ones while keeping the disk very close to full. The files are all
> different sizes so there's no practical file system on earth that can stop
> fragmentation happening. I can't think of a better way to stress test
> filesystem fragmentation.
Here's a better way to frag a disk (from the Debian bug #401622 that is 
keeping defrag out of Etch):
But 9% non continues files isn't bad. If you really get fragmentation
your disk I/O slows down to below 200K/s. I had this on my P2P
partition which was always 90%+ full. The p2p client created sparse
files and then filled in tiny chunks at random positions in all
(incomplete) files.  Total death sentence for an fs. I think fsck
reported over 60% fragmented there.
So it looks like MythTV is not that bad after all ;-).

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