[mythtv-users] Chicagoland services - Comcast, WoW, DirectTV, Dish...

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 19:50:38 UTC 2007

On 4/3/07, Donald Webster <fryfrog at gmail.com> wrote:
> Each cable box ends up as a "tuner", so if you have two cable boxes
> you have two tuners.  In my case, I have two cable boxes *and* two
> air2pc cards, so I have 4 "tuners".  2 that get almost 300 channels, 2
> that get 6 :p
> If you *have* a cable coming into your house from the cable company
> for any reason, I would bet $1 it has QAM HD signals for the *free to
> air* stations on it.  You might also get some panzy ass SD channels in
> QAM too, I seemed to get the SD version of all the HD stations as well
> as what looked like a few PPV *preview* channels and a *TON* of
> shopping channels.
> Is that what you were asking?  My 2 air2pc cards are totally unrelated
> and not dependant on the 2 firewire STBs.

hmm, ok.  so theoretically, if i had an air2pc card i could plug my
cable into it and get the basic service again and possibly my local
OTA HD channels.  if i rented a cable box i may be able to use the
firewire out to get other channels as well.
well if the HDHR does QAM maybe i'll look into that route.  if that
works then maybe i'll subscribe for service to try and get Sci-Fi,
Discovery, TLC, History, etc.
it would be nice if there was an HD solution for satellite since
DirectTV will be adding a ton of content this fall.  oh well...

thanks :)

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