[mythtv-users] M2NPV, nvidia/X11 settings

Mark A. O'Neil mark.a.oneil at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Apr 3 15:14:38 UTC 2007


I have finally reached the tweaking stage of my new MythTV backend.

The system is based on an ASUS M2NPV-VM with 2 GB ram and a 2.6 GHz  
64bit CPU with tons of HD space, a PVR-150 and a PVR-500; all stuffed  
into a Silverstone case with a silent Silverstone 500W PS. All  
running on FC6 (2.6.20-1.2933), the latest ivtv, lirc, nvidia driver,  
and the stable .20 MythTV base. This all is displayed via a Panasonic  

Before getting started with my question, the Silverstone case with  
the stock fans runs wicked cool - even overloaded with drives. I am  
thinking of adding a heat sink/fan to the second nvidia bridge chip  
as it seems to be the only 'hot' chip in the box at the moment.

So here is the problem - and I think - this is less a 'problem' and  
more a configuration issue - either for the on board nvidia 6150 or  
the recording profile.

Simply put: playback of the desktop and recorded video is fuzzy,  
viewable, but slightly fuzzy, while playback from DVD or DVD-on- 
Harddrive media is awesome. This is the case using any of the outputs.

I think the issue is resolution interpolation...either at the  
hardware/video level, the recording profile, or both. Though I am  
thinking it is more hardware than MythTV profiles, as the desktop  
itself displays fuzzily - perhaps nvidia/x11 settings are the place  
to start?

The projector has a native resolution of 1280x720 and I cannot get  
the 6150 to output that nor can I seem to raise the scan rate much  
above 50 even though I have NTSC set in the bios etc....

Suggestions welcome.


PS: regarding my previous issue with channels not being available/ 
snowy - let's just say that one should not assume that their cabling  
is good just because it was the last time it was used - test it first!

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