[mythtv-users] FireWire: Comcast removing 5C, channel changing now 100%

Donald Webster fryfrog at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 13:12:15 UTC 2007

> tell them you don't want to pay for the DVR service? Or get an extra
> box, ask for the 6200, then return one of your 6412 if it works.

Actually, I don't get charged for them.  If I wasn't trying to use
them with mythtv, it'd be a pretty sweet deal.  Except their UI sucks
and its logic is totally retarded.  Last time I called to swap
hardware (6412 -> 2x 6200) I asked about going in and doing it
myself... but they said that they could only send someone out and that
costs me $35 :(


I just checked my overnight recordings and between the area of 24 and
this morning, I recorded 13 shows with only *one* mess up (about 15
min ago).  So it isn't terrible.  I screwed up 24 by trying to do
stuff while it was recording.

Anyway, thanks for your comments :)
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