[mythtv-users] IP address is not updated.

Liu, M. M.Liu at tue.nl
Mon Apr 2 19:22:43 UTC 2007

I have some questions regarding to the IP address of MythTV. When a
local network is set up (through router), both MythTV and another laptop
are connected to this local network. IP addresses in the local network
are assigned automatically. Now the UPnP tool is used to detect the
shared files in MythTV. The IP address which is detected in UPnP
controller is not updated. I already changed the IP address in "General"
in mythtv-setup and mythbackend is working and I updated the MythTV
database, but the problem still cannot be solved. I doubt if it is
related to the MySQL database or how can I make some changes to the UPnP
server in MythTV? Thank you very much.

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