[mythtv-users] lirc

Sergei Gerasenko gerases at publicschoolworks.com
Sat Sep 30 19:32:59 UTC 2006

Some time ago I upgraded from 0.18 to 0.20. lirc worked fine under 0.18.
I compiled 0.20 from scratch. 

irw reports correct key presses but mythfrontend doesn't respond to
remote commands. 

- didn't change anything in the setup of lirc. 
- the file is still .mythtv/lircrc
- lirc support was compiled into mythtv.

Just to be sure, how do I check if lirc support WAS compiled in? I
re-ran configure to see the output and by default the support is
included.  I'm pretty sure that when I compiled myth, I ran configure
without any parameters.

Any ideas?

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