[mythtv-users] Myth_Archive_Job.pl Hanging Up on Large Files

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 16:25:48 UTC 2006


     Got a somewhat small/somewhat large problem i'm trying to diagnose and
wanted to get opinions on.  MythTV 0.20 trying to use myth_archive_job.pl to
move files between my 3 NFS mounted directories.  I have a base video
directory of about 60g and then 2 sub directories under that where i'm
moving and linking files.  All 3 of these are NFS Mounted from a "NAS" box I

So the issue seems to now be that when I run Myth_Archive_Job.pl on a large
file (7g was my test last night) the job simply locks up completely (does
the same thing running from the command line) and never returns (left it
copying for 8+ hours overnight). When I kill the job (it won't return it
won't ctrl-c) it pretty much locks up NFS completely requiring a power off
(shutdown -h) on both boxes to make things come back up.  Bouncing NFS
doesn't do it.

I have successfully moved 5-600 meg files around without issues.

NFS mount Settings are as follows:

snip from /etc/exports from the NAS System:
/mnt/varchive        ,async,no_root_squash)
/mnt/video1          ,async,no_root_squash)
/mnt/video2          ,async,no_root_squash)

snip from /etc/fstab from the mythtv box:
nas:/mnt/varchive      /video                  nfs
rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,actimeo=0,bg,tcp              0 0
nas:/mnt/video1         /video/video1           nfs
rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,actimeo=0,bg,tcp              0 0
nas:/mnt/video2         /video/video2           nfs
rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,actimeo=0,bg,tcp              0 0

Note: I am using nfsvers=3 in the mount so I assume this means I should be
able to handle files over 4g.


--Douglas Wagner
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