[mythtv-users] Losing Scheduled Recordings -- Problem with Database on 0.18

Matthew Walkup mwalkup at walkupnet.com
Fri Sep 29 21:27:50 UTC 2006


My scheduled recordings goes blank every 12-24 hours, and I'm not sure why.

My backend log has several errors like:

2006-09-29 14:17:32.899 Database not open while trying to load setting:
DB Error (KickDatabase):
Query was:
Driver error was [2/2006]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
MySQL server has gone away

Thinking that maybe it was idling for too long, I changed my
/etc/mysql/my.cnf and added this line:
wait_timeout            = 0

24 hours later, I lost my scheduled recordings again.  After reading some
threads from this list on Google, I thought maybe there was something wrong
with the database:
# mysqlcheck -p mythconverg
Enter password: 
mythconverg.callsignnetworkmap                     OK
mythconverg.capturecard                            OK
mythconverg.cardinput                              OK
mythconverg.channel                                OK
mythconverg.codecparams                            OK
mythconverg.conflictresolutionany                  OK
mythconverg.conflictresolutionoverride             OK
mythconverg.conflictresolutionsingle               OK
mythconverg.credits                                OK
mythconverg.dtv_multiplex                          OK
mythconverg.dtv_privatetypes                       OK
mythconverg.dvb_channel                            OK
mythconverg.dvb_pids                               OK
mythconverg.dvb_sat                                OK
mythconverg.dvb_signal_quality                     OK
mythconverg.dvdinput                               OK
mythconverg.dvdtranscode                           OK
mythconverg.favorites                              OK
mythconverg.filemarkup                             OK
mythconverg.gallerymetadata                        OK
mythconverg.housekeeping                           OK
mythconverg.jobqueue                               OK
mythconverg.jumppoints                             OK
mythconverg.keybindings                            OK
mythconverg.keyword                                OK
mythconverg.musicmetadata                          OK
mythconverg.musicplaylist                          OK
mythconverg.mythlog                                OK
mythconverg.networkiconmap                         OK
mythconverg.oldfind                                OK
mythconverg.oldprogram                             OK
mythconverg.oldrecorded                            OK
mythconverg.people                                 OK
mythconverg.profilegroups                          OK
mythconverg.program                                OK
mythconverg.programgenres                          OK
mythconverg.programrating                          OK
mythconverg.recgrouppassword                       OK
mythconverg.record                                 OK
mythconverg.recorded                               OK
mythconverg.recordedcredits                        OK
mythconverg.recordedmarkup                         OK
mythconverg.recordedprogram                        OK
mythconverg.recordedrating                         OK
mythconverg.recordingprofiles                      OK
mythconverg.recordmatch                            OK
mythconverg.recordoverride                         OK
mythconverg.schemalock                             OK
mythconverg.settings                               OK
mythconverg.smartplaylist                          OK
mythconverg.smartplaylistcategory                  OK
mythconverg.smartplaylistitem                      OK
mythconverg.videobookmarks                         OK
mythconverg.videocategory                          OK
mythconverg.videocountry                           OK
mythconverg.videogenre                             OK
mythconverg.videometadata                          OK
mythconverg.videometadatacountry                   OK
mythconverg.videometadatagenre                     OK
mythconverg.videosource                            OK
mythconverg.videotypes                             OK

I had problems with mysql on version 5.  So I downgraded to version 4 and
things seemed peachy again (besides this problem).

# dpkg -l | grep myth
ii  libmyth-0.18.1c2a                      0.18.1-5ubuntu3
Common library code for MythTV and add-on mo
ii  mythbrowser                            0.18.1-3ubuntu3
A small web browser module for MythTV
ii  mythdvd                                0.18.1-3ubuntu3
DVD add-on module for MythTV
ii  mythgallery                            0.18.1-3ubuntu3
Image gallery/slideshow add-on module for My
ii  mythmusic                              0.18.1-3ubuntu3
Music add-on module for MythTV
ii  mythnews                               0.18.1-3ubuntu3
An RSS feed news reader module for MythTV
ii  mythtv                                 0.18.1-5ubuntu3
A personal video recorder application (clien
ii  mythtv-backend                         0.18.1-5ubuntu3
A personal video recorder application (serve
ii  mythtv-common                          0.18.1-5ubuntu3
A personal video recorder application (commo
pi  mythtv-database                        0.18.1-5ubuntu3
A personal video recorder application (datab
ii  mythtv-frontend                        0.18.1-5ubuntu3
A personal video recorder application (clien
ii  mythvideo                              0.18.1-3ubuntu3
A generic video player frontend module for M
ii  mythweather                            0.18.1-3ubuntu3
Weather add-on module for MythTV
ii  mythweb                                0.18.1-3ubuntu3
Web interface add-on module for MythTV

# dpkg -l | grep mysql
ii  libapache2-mod-auth-mysql              4.3.9-2ubuntu3
Apache 2 module for MySQL authentication
ii  libdbd-mysql-perl                      3.0002-2build1
A Perl5 database interface to the MySQL data
ii  libmysqlclient14                       4.1.15-1ubuntu5
mysql database client library
ii  libmysqlclient15off                    5.0.22-0ubuntu6.06.2
mysql database client library
ii  libqt3-mt-mysql                        3.3.6-1ubuntu3
MySQL database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)
ii  mysql-client-4.1                       4.1.15-1ubuntu5
mysql database client binaries
ii  mysql-common                           5.0.22-0ubuntu6.06.2
mysql database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql
ii  mysql-server-4.1                       4.1.15-1ubuntu5
mysql database server binaries
pc  mysql-server-5.0                       5.0.22-0ubuntu6.06
mysql database server binaries
ii  php5-mysql                             5.1.2-1ubuntu3.2
MySQL module for php5
ii  php5-mysqli                            5.1.2-1ubuntu3.2
MySQL Improved module for php5
ii  python-mysqldb                         1.2.1c3-4ubuntu4
A Python interface to MySQL
ii  python2.4-mysqldb                      1.2.1c3-4ubuntu4
A Python interface to MySQL



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