[mythtv-users] Mythvideo now shows dirs with no playable files in

Neil Sedger mythtv-users at moley.org.uk
Fri Sep 29 19:44:02 UTC 2006

Ah, I thought it had gotten quicker!  :-)

So at the moment if a directory contains no playable files or other directories it shouldn't show up, but if a directory contains another directory then it'll show up because it hasn't scanned the directory two levels down?

If thats the case then I'd probably prefer it stayed as it is - an empty dir in the list is a minor inconvenience compared to the speed boost in going from menu -> file list.

The ultimate solution would be to split off another thread that runs round all the dirs and scans them in 'level' order, re-prioritising itself as the user navigates through the on-screen structure. I don't know if that's worth the development effort though :-)


Anduin Withers wrote:
>> Previously (0.19 and before my database rebuild) directories that did not
>> contain playable files (using the settings from the mythvideo filetypes
>> screen) would not show up in the list. Now they do, but it won't let me
>> enter them.
>> Has something changed or is there a setting I've missed?
> A good chunk of that code was re(organized/written). Pruning empty
> directories probably shouldn't have been removed.
> The change is mostly there because when the ability to actually browse (vs
> the current scan and browse) is added I don't plan on stepping more than a
> directory below the current one (meaning MythVideo won't know it is walking
> down a path to no videos until it is almost there).

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