[mythtv-users] Channel setup help

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Fri Sep 29 18:14:40 UTC 2006

This last weekend when I installed everything, I was able to watch TV, 
but I noticed all the guide data was off by two channels. I decided to 
take the "one thing at a time" approach and brought the system into the 
office for the week to work out issues with playing movies, mp3's, etc. 
The box goes home tonight and this weekend I'm going to re-attempt to 
get TV working properly as well as get output to my TV (and not just my 
LCD monitor).

For starters, I'm in North County San Diego. We have Cox Digital Cable. 
In my house, I have three Cox tuners/DVRs that each get upwards of 1100 
channels. All other cable points in the house get "basic cable"... 
channels 0-99. In my living room where my Myth box is going to reside, 
I've split the cable feed and have one leg going to the Cox tuner/DVR 
and the other to the input on my Hauppauge PVR500 card. From what I can 
tell when I compare TV's in the house that are behind Cox tuners to 
those that are simply cable ready (getting channels 0-99), the channel 
line-up for channels 0-99 is the same. Thus, when I'm using DataDirect, 
my line-up is for Cox Digital Cable (note that they offer me two 
choices... Cox Cable and Cox Digital Cable... I chose the latter based 
on what I mentioned above). I'm thinking, however, that perhaps some of 
my choices in "mythtv-setup" may be to blame for my channels all being 
two channels off from the guide.

So for starters, in mythtv-setup, under General, what "Channel Frequency 
table" do I want? us-cable? us-cable-hrc? us-cable-irc? us-bcast (I 
highly doubt this)?
Could the "Time offset for EIT listings" be related to my channels 
differing from the guide?
How 'bout "Cross source EIT"? As I understand things, Cox Digital Cable 
is actually ATSC???
In the Video Sources Setup should I check "Perform EIT Scan"? Should the 
Channel Frequency table match what I choose in General? (ie: should it 
be set to us-cable both here and in the General section)?

In trying to resolve all this last weekend, I was switching the Data 
Direct sources for my area between Cox Cable and Cox Digital Cable. 
Would choosing one, then running "mythfilldatabase --refresh-all" help? 
Perhaps I have bogus entries from originally choosing Cox Cable and need 
to tell it to get the Cox Digital Cable sources, then refresh it to wipe 
out the old crud?

Finally, in mythfrontend, setup, TV Setup, Program Guide, what channel 
do I set for the "Guide starts at channel" field? Perhaps having the 
guide be on a channel that actually has a real channel on it is causing 

Please bear with me... I'm not the most hip with A/V and cable stuff. 
And its been a long week of using Myth and trying to get things working 
(remote, MP3 collections, movies, etc)...

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