[mythtv-users] Ongoing Fedora YUM Dependency Problems

Paul Fine pfine at comcast.net
Fri Sep 29 16:32:58 UTC 2006

> What's the trick to finding faster upgrade sources?
> Are there trustworthy "secret" distribution CD's that have already been
> upgraded?  Something like FC5.1?  (That has a ring to it.)  Or, is that what
> FC6 is about? 
> --stan

I used the Fedora Unity Re-Spin (http://fedoraunity.org).  It is FC5, 
with all updates through mid-August.  As far as I can tell, you need to 
download it via Bittorrent, which took me about 7 hours.  The claim that 
I heard was that it saves about 780 MBytes worth of update packages.

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