[mythtv-users] To ATX or mATX......discussion please...

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 29 15:40:48 UTC 2006

>>Well I had my heart set on going mATX with a Antec NSK 2400.
>>I was going to use and ASUS board with OnBoard video and audio
>>however I'm leaning away from onboard video.
>>In that case I'm thinking I need more PCI slots...I want to record
>>two shows at once and watch a third.
>>So I'm thinking ATX.
>>However the HTPC case at the ATX size really jumps in price.

Have a read of
specifically the second to last post. it has details of the system i just 
built for my mum, mATX in a tower case. for her, it was only meant for 
browsing the web and being quiet, but i made sure it had as much scope for 
upgrades as possible.

in particular, you can add a pcie card instead of using the onboard video 
(though i believe onboard goes up to 256 memory and just under 6200 clock 
speed), at least 512 more memory (i specifically went for a 939 board 
because i could use my old DDR ram for it (troubleshooting + upgrade), and 
not need new DDR2. also no one's bothered to review any AM2 mATX boards 
yet...), it's got two pci slots for tv cards and another one of those new 
fangled little pci things for whatever they put in those things nowadays.

sound wise, you can add an spdif braket to it and in the newer retail 
versions of the board there's one included with the package, though there 
was none in mine :o(

also, the atx tower case allows you to upgrade to atx if needed, and it's 
pretty damn quiet (though i wouldn't say quiet enough for putting right next 
to a tv). also, it was running @ 25C cpu / 26C core temp last time i saw it. 
heavy as anything though.

infact, the only thing you seem to really loose going matx is the extra pci 
slots, though frankly there's only about 2 of them on most atx boards 
nowadays anyway, and also some overclocking ability, though for a mythtv box 
i don't really see how you'd need that much.

if you leave out the monitor, keyboard / mouse, other little things - it 
came to about 200 (note lack of graphics card, 512 ram and 80gb hard drive 
though). which probably equates to around $200 seeings how this is still 
rip-off britain.


The Crimea / The Crocketts

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