[mythtv-users] High xorg CPU utilization on certain OTA channels

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Fri Sep 29 13:24:57 UTC 2006

Steven Adeff wrote:
> Both 720p, try disabling deinterlacing and see what happens.

I have tried turning off deinterlacing and there is no noticeable 
difference in CPU utilization.  It still stutters.

I believe some other channels I get are 720p as well.  (CBC Canada, 
CityTV and CTV - Toronto stations).  But I could be wrong - it there a 
way to determine what the stream is in MythTV or from a command prompt?

When I playback 720p content recorded from ABC and Fox on MythTV it does 
not stutter at all.  (I do not transcode my recordings... I only run add 
detection.)  Just live TV viewing is causing xorg to spike in utilization.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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