[mythtv-users] S/PDIF Headers?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 01:59:47 UTC 2006

> 1 X s/Pdif headers means? Is there another attachment I need to buy to get
> the optical S/Pdif connector to work?

I've got a gigabyte mobo which has a S/Pdif header and I had to buy a
connector which basically looks like a blanking plate with a digital
audio port on it with a cable coming out of it. You put this in place
of one of your existing blanking plates at the back of the PC case,
and connect the cable to the header on the mobo. Then you have to read
the Digital Sound Howto and figure out how to make it all work on

BTW - don't leave it too long before you buy the connector. I found it
quite hard to get one for my mobo cos I ledft it a few months and they
daid they'd stopped making them (even though they look like a
commodity part to me).


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