[mythtv-users] Restoring backup after transcode

Scott list-mythtv at bluecamel.eml.cc
Thu Sep 28 22:23:29 UTC 2006

So, I made a minor mess :)

I tried to transcode from within MythTV a HDTV show recently but I  
didn't like the way it came out. So I went to my /var/video directory  
and removed the .nuv file that was created while restoring  
the .mpg.old backup file. When I went back into the MythTV Videos  
screen my show could no longer be found. Well duh!

So, two questions.

1) How can I fix my /var/video/filename.mpg so it plays through  
MythTV Video again?
2) For future reference, what is the proper way to "restore" a  
program if I don't like the outcome of a transcode session?

Thanks for the help!


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