[mythtv-users] MythMusic Filters

D.Byard at warwick.ac.uk D.Byard at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Sep 28 11:23:32 UTC 2006


I've recently set up a mythtv 0.20a set-top box in a shared accommodation.
 It's really impressive to the non-technical people in the household and a
find piece of coding, but there's a bug that's almost a show stopper.

We have a music collection that's very, very large.  Probably about 20,000
tracks.  MythMusic copes with it fine, but for some reason whenever you
press f for the filter menu, any of the filters when you press OK clear
the list and display the first track in the collection with the first two
letters cut off.

For example, I do:

And the only thing in the playlist, is '01 ~ Theme'.  The first track in
the entire collection is 2001 ~  Theme.  If you play it the file plays,
but when you leave MythMusic the entire MythTV frontend segfaults.

This happens if I do search, by artist, all tracks, ANYTHING from the
filter menu.  Even smart playlists.

There _were_ a few SQL errors in the console, such as music_artists being
ambiguous, but I fixed the source for that.  This error is a bit beyond my
knowledge of the codebase, though.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Navigating 20,000 tracks without filtering is

Thanks in advance, I hope this is more a use issue than a bug...


David Byard
CS Undergraduate

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