[mythtv-users] So how DO you setup a screensaver in MythTV?

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Thu Sep 28 03:57:00 UTC 2006

I'm pretty sure you'd need an "xscreensaver" program section in lircrc, 
then could program a "clear" or "esc" key to disable it... not positive, 
though... my understanding is that the lircrc mappings affect the 
foreground app... hence why you can have mythtv, xine, xmms, and mplayer 
sections. The screensaver would obviously be in the foreground, so why 
not an "xscreensaver" option in lircrc?

Related, here's an odd one... following up to my earlier post... if I 
enable an automatic and locking screensaver, it will come on while Myth 
is running, but hitting a keyboard on the remote just kills it... the 
locking part doesn't seem to work as I don't need a password to get back 
to myth. However, hitting the default "lock" command in KDE of 
"CTRL-ALT-L" while Myth is running locks my Myth screen requiring a 
password to exit it. What gives with that? :)


Martin Brown wrote:
>> Martin Brown wrote:
>> > I've seen numerous posts here about *screensaver* configuration with
>> > MythTV and some references to MythTV *screensaver* capabilities 
>> added in
>> > 0.19 and how it can work with the window manager *screensaver*.
>> >
>> > But I can find no details on how to actually configure it in MythTV.
>> >
>> AFAIK it is not a MythTV option but rather you simply configure a
>> *screensaver* in your window manager. Myth's interaction has to do with
>> turning it off during playback so it does not pop on during a watching
>> session.
>> Kevin
> And how do you turn off the screensaver during playback (watch live 
> TV, watch recordings, watch videos, watch dvd)? Or is MythTV smart 
> enough to do that itself?
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