[mythtv-users] So how DO you setup a screensaver in MythTV?

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Thu Sep 28 03:51:12 UTC 2006

I tried this tonight... I exited Myth, went into the KDE Control Center 
and turned on the XMatrix screensaver. I even tested it and ran fine. I 
set it to autostart after 1 min and to require a password to unlock it. 
This worked fine in just KDE. So I started up Myth again... after 1 min 
the screen went blank. It didn't show the screensaver... and hitting on 
the keyboard or remote brought me right back to Myth. So in a sense, it 
worked by at least blanking the screen, but failed to actually render 
the screensaver I had chosen and failed to be locked after the 
screensaver started. Perhaps its a KDE thing? I know that gnome calls 
xscreensaver as its default screensaver app... and the Myth docs say 
that it has xscreensaver support. Perhaps KDE has a different 
screensaver program (maybe an interal one)?

I was thinking it would be great to set a locking screensaver in KDE, 
then add an "xscreensaver" program entry to map the number keys on the 
remote in lircrc, then have Myth actually start a locking screensaver 
and allow me to enter a PIN/code from the remote to disable it (of 
course, this would make the password of the mythtv user pretty easy to 
crack... but, hey... security through obscurity works for Micro$oft. :)

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Martin Brown wrote:
>> I've seen numerous posts here about screensaver configuration with 
>> MythTV and some references to MythTV screensaver capabilities added in 
>> 0.19 and how it can work with the window manager screensaver.
>> But I can find no details on how to actually configure it in MythTV.
> AFAIK it is not a MythTV option but rather you simply configure a 
> screensaver in your window manager.  Myth's interaction has to do with 
> turning it off during playback so it does not pop on during a watching 
> session.
> Kevin
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