[mythtv-users] How much horespower for frontend?

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Thu Sep 28 00:38:25 UTC 2006

> I actually can't guarantee that playback of recordings is OK. I'm
> currently trying to get my nvidia card re-installed back into my
> combined FE/BE since it's where I really want it to run. That's the
> reason for my current silence.... I will respond to the posed questions
> soon I hope. 
> I will try BoB though ( I assume that's in mythfrontend's setup
> somewhere) ?
> Thanks,
> James

Well, not much good news to report. Still have the stuttering problems
during playback. Here's what I've tried with the suggestions from

1) DMA is enabled AND set to 32 bit.

2) Enabled and Disabled "Enable realtime priority threads";no
difference;not running as root

3) Lowered recording profiles to 640x480 from 720x480; no change

4) De-interlacing works best with "Kernel (less motion blur)";BoB was
the worst for me

5) Comm Flagging is after recordings

6) CPU still has not gone above 40% and is usually low 30's

7) XvMC; How do I know if this is enabled? I'm really not sure about

8) ****Playback of recordings also has the same issue****

9) MediaMVP plays recordings perfectly (and honestly the picture looks a
little better, it's just missing the functionality I want from the

10) What about mythvideo? I get stutters there to. If I do finally find
a solution, can it/does it apply to MythVideo when it's set for the
Internal player?

11) I'm still open to trying the Celeron machine to see if it does a
better job. Based on what I've seen here what I have should work.
UNLESS, the PCI video card is the problem. In that case my luck isn't
changing as the Celeron machine does not have AGP or PCIe either... :-
( Plus, my BE had four hard drives and I don't think the Celeron machine
has enough 3.5 bays, so there would be lot's of work there too. 

Thanks to everyone for the help so far!!!! Hopefully I didn't leave
anything out. More help is appreciated. 


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