[mythtv-users] Odd elapsed-recording times for NBC's _Studio 60_

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr. gtgj at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 27 23:09:47 UTC 2006

>>>>> Yeechang Lee writes:

y> I am in San Francisco. Given that elapsed times for neither Leno nor
y> Conan--both videotaped--has changed in the past month, it's not
y> surprising that the filmed _Studio 60_ would be the first in which
y> I've noticed the results of the new encoder. More evidence that this
y> is bug #1941 in action.

        I don't think it's related to film vs. videotape -- I also
see the problem on "The Today Show" (which became HD recently).
Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.

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