[mythtv-users] myth_archive_job.pl and it's Use. (And Side effects of use)

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 20:39:42 UTC 2006


     Ok, i've done some research and looked through the Wiki and mailing
list and understand WHAT myth_archive_job.pl does (exactly what I need it
seems, at least to begin with) but what I can't seem to find is a usage for
HOW to use it.

I know I can run it from the command line to move videos to another
directory but as it is supposed to be a "job" i'm trying to figure out how
to set this up as a user job to get it to move files around automatically.

Ok, so here's the issue:  I have 3 recording drives mounted on a NAS box.
The main drive is ~50g and then below that I have a 250g and 320g.  The
structure is /video, /video/video1 and /video/video2 (all NFS Mounted).

So I understand that when a show records it will record into /video (my
default video location).  I  understand that I can then go in and run
myth_archive_job.pl from the command line to move the recording to video1 or
video2 (depending on the paths I set on the command line.)

I want to take this a step farther.  I want to develop in essence 2 user
jobs: move_to_video1 and move_to_video2.  Then when any show is set to
record I should be able to select the video1 or video2 jobs and after the
recordign is complete have the user job run to move the show automatically.
I'm 99.5% sure this is possible.  The question is how?

I'm assuming I have to create a shell script something like the following:


perl /usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.20/contrib/myth_archive_job.pl --directory
%DIR% --file %FILE% --archivedir /video/video1

Do I then go into mythtv-setup and create a custom job with description
"Move to Video1" with /usr/local/bin/move_to_video1.sh as the execution to
get it to work?  Does the %DIR% and %FILE% pass along or do those have to be
passed on the command line (thus $1 and $2) to the shell script?  If they
need to be passed would the job command line just be:
/usr/local/bin/move_to_video1.sh %DIR% %FILE%?

Do I really need 2 scripts or could I pass argument 1 as the directory to
move to and then setup the --archivedir to take the first parameter to the
script (/video/$1)?  Is there a better way to do this?

Next: Assuming I get the job setup, when I go back in and try to "edit" the
file (cut mark comercials and such) can I still load the prior comercials as
cutmarks or is this functionality gone due to the file move?  Is anything
else affected by the file being accessed only through a sim link? (I know
about deletes and thee delete follows sym link option in setup).

Lastly, a bit OT from my inital question: Is there a script out there that
renames files in both the database and on disk to have better names than
1301_092720061235470001.mpg? (Periodically I have enough audio/video out of
sync on some ABC shows that I have to exit myth and watch them through Xine
(which always works) and it would be nice not to have to play guess the
filename.)  I assume that I could then run whatever this would happen to be
prior to running myth_archive_job.pl and the sim links would be created
correctly...assuming I could pass in some kind of valid identifier to the
myth_archive_job.pl script since %FILE% would still be set to the numeric
filename?  Any thoughts on potentially combining both of these two tasks
into one script?

Thanks for any info anyone might want to shoot back on this.

--Douglas Wagner
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