[mythtv-users] Streaming tv/radio stations for use with MythStream

Eric ericgies at kabelfoon.nl
Wed Sep 27 19:59:26 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 27 September 2006 18:53, Ross Campbell wrote:
> I like the idea of being able to customize content from
> http://www.worldwidemediaproject.com , but ... would it be possbile to
> have a DEFAULT link that mythstream could use that shows all links
> under some sensible hierarchy like By Category, By Country, All Video,
> All Audio, etc?

Yes, that's possible. You'll have to wait for the next release though, it 
required some code changes. An interactive menu to query Worldmediaproject 
based on country, language and genre is working at the moment. I'm also 
looking at cookie support. Although experimental, the combined changes should 
make it possible to start a session on a site and browse it's content 


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