[mythtv-users] What am I forgetting? Error during make qmake

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 18:47:21 UTC 2006

I run ./configure && qmake mythtv.pro && make qmake, and make qmake
errors at this point with:

make qmake
cd libs && /usr/bin/qmake libs.pro -unix -o Makefile
cd filters && /usr/bin/qmake filters.pro -unix -o Makefile
cd programs && /usr/bin/qmake programs.pro -unix -o Makefile
cd themes && /usr/bin/qmake themes.pro -unix -o Makefile
cd i18n && /usr/bin/qmake i18n.pro -unix -o Makefile
cd config && /usr/bin/qmake config.pro -unix -o Makefile
Cannot find file: config.pro.
make: *** [sub-config-qmake_all] Error 2

And it's true.  I thought maybe I had a bad checkout, but browsing the
source, it's not there, and then I grabbed SVN, still not there.  So,
SVN and 0.20-fixes both give me this.  But, I have been compiling
0.20-fixes on a bunch of machines up until last night when I hit this.
 I don't see any other reports, so I assume it's something I screwed

Any thoughts?


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