[mythtv-users] How much horespower for frontend?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Sep 27 17:49:07 UTC 2006

On Sep 27, 2006, at 11:22 AM, Jason wrote:

> hmm. man I'm really at a loss. I have done a lot more work with a lot
> less hardware then you are running right now and have had no issues at
> all, so Im realy fairly perplexed. This may actually end up coming  
> down
> th PCI video, but I have  a hard time with that since my Epia 800Mhz
> board works  very well as a front end.

I agree that it *should* work for SD.

Forgive me for not having read every message in this thread, what  
mobo chipset are you using? If it's a VIA chipset you may be a victim  
of the infamous IVTV/DMA problems that some of those early boards  
had. Unfortunately, if that's the problem, I have no solution to  
offer other than replacement.

Have you narrowed it down to either the recording or the playback  
(ie: do the recordings made while watching liveTV look OK on your  
MVP) ??

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