[mythtv-users] pcHDTV3000 signal sync takes a long time

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 17:11:18 UTC 2006

Gregg wrote:
> I am curious I have a pcHDTV3000 it works fine, but when changing 
> channels or entering TV mode  it takes about 5-7 seconds to sync and 
> find a signal.  Is that how it is supposed to function?  I am using 
> the DVB drivers for OTA signals. In setup it is configured as 'DVB DTV 
> Capture Card ( v3.x).  Signal timeout is set to 500 and tuning timeout 
> is set to 3000.  Any help is appreciated.
Mine takes a while too. But, I assume that is dependent on the source - 
i.e. the amount of compression. It has to wait for an I-frame to 
display. Does that make sense?

brad fuller

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