[mythtv-users] Starting Recordings?

John Pierce john.j35 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 14:46:07 UTC 2006

Hello, I have recently converted to DirecTV and have the D11 series
box connected to the composite0 input on PVR500MCE.  I have not yet
gotten the Serial > USB adapter and null modem cable so I cannot have
MythTV change the channel for recording.  But I came a feature of the
D11 that will allow the user to set the box to autotune to a specific
channel at a given time.  So I thought (being smart) I would set the
D11 to autotune to stargate sg1 and just tell Myth to record that show
on Friday night.

The problem is Myth never starts recording.  It indicates that it is
scheduled to record but never actually starts.  So what do I have to
do to get Myth to start recording even if it cannot change the

Thanks in advance

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