[mythtv-users] Protocol version mismatch

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Sep 27 13:53:15 UTC 2006

William Munson wrote:
>> I was able to upgrage everything I needed to individually. Is this normal
>> for a non-version changing upgrade?
>> Thanks Paul for the response...
>> Eric
> <soapbox>
> The myth developers did a big foobar with the 0.20-fixes branch in that 
> they made it incompatible with 0.20 release. I understand the reason why 
There is no expectation in Myth that two different versions (which 
0.20-fixes and 0.20 are) will work together.  You either keep all your 
systems at the same revision or you don't.  If you are mixing versions 
then you are making a huge mistake.
> and it basically comes down to the fact that they rushed 0.20 out before 
> it was ready. Instead of releasing a 0.20-beta for testing they took 
> whatever code was in svn on release day and make it a release. Now they 
You obviously don't have any understanding of the process.  There was a 
period of time prior to 0.20 where a feature freeze was announced and 
the focus was simply on testing.  It was not an arbitrary decision by 
Isaac when to release.  With any system of this complexity, there are 
bound to be post-release fixes because many users do not bother being 
involved in the testing process.
> are scrambling to fix the bugs a beta release would have found and one 
> of those bugs forced a update to the database schema. Hence 0.20 fixes 
> is no longer compatible with the release. Expect a 0.20.1 release in a 
> month or two. The devs are a bright bunch of people but they lack the 
> structure that a formal release process would force. Process should be 
> SVN -->  Beta release(s) with several weeks of testing leading to -->  
> final release.
Try subscribing to the -dev list to understand the release process and 
if you already do, try reading it.


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