[mythtv-users] Quote from friend upon first seeing MythTV today...

Support [ Ian Ward ] support at cyberpro.com.au
Wed Sep 27 09:34:08 UTC 2006

Phill Edwards wrote:
>> I have unchecked "strict commercial detection" which improved the
>> detection.  I have set for commercial "notification 3 seconds early".
>> I am pretty happy with the results.  As I watch TV, if I get the
>> commercial warning message that says 2 or 3 minutes of detected, then
>> shortly after I see the beginning of the commercial break, then I know I
>> can safely hit the commercial skip button. Since taking off "strict
>> commercial detection" approximately 4 out of 5 breaks are detected.
> What detection method do you use - is it set to "All"?

I'll bet the logo detection stuff does not work very well these days as 
the logo's seem pretty transparent and tend to be in different 
locations. ( My plasma screen is at least thankful for that - no logo 
burn in)

Looking forward to the new commercial detection stuff that is being 
worked on at the moment.
Perhaps in .21 we may see better results.

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