[mythtv-users] No audio; two weeks and still unsolved

Sam Wong sam at hellosam.net
Wed Sep 27 05:51:34 UTC 2006

Jeff Bevis wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm finally at my wits end.  I cannot seem to get ALSA audio working 
> with Myth.  After two weeks of searching, experimenting, and googling, 
> nothing seems to bring forth audio from Myth... However, I have 
> noticed that I am able to play sounds from the command line (with 
> aplay).  I have set my audio device to "ALSA:default".  The mixer is 
> also set to "default".  Help?
If it is this one...then it's fixed in v0.20

I had the problem with that too, I was using v0.19 and nvdia HDA on 
board sound. It forced me to disable internal mixer, the result is I 
lost control to the nicam broadcast, which the station broadcasts two 
independent langangues over L/R channels.
After upgrading to v0.20, it's fixed and works like a charm. My mixer 
device is "ALSA:default".

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